Equus Local

Equus Local (https://equuslocal.com) was broken out of its original home in iHeart Hudson Valley last year to become its own site. It is an ads style local horse website were anyone can signup and create all different types of ads. As with iHeart, it also has articles that focus on the local community and spotlight local people and businesses. We recently completed multiple changes in ad type and functionality to provide a better user experience as well as both free and paid ad types which was not available before.


Web Design
Community Building
Content Creation
Video Production

Equus Local


Logo Design


Social Media Content

We regularly produce social media content of all types from mockups, to photography, to short format video.

Marketing Materials, 

Marketing is a part of business and we create all types of marketing materials from print materials to digital advertising.

Marketing Materials

We have created both large-scale banners for events as well as printed handouts. 

Equus Local Marketing Material


Like with iHeart Hudson Valley, Equus Local is a community portal. We have also produced some videos for this site as well.